Call for Abstracts for presentation at NCS AGM / Scientific Conference - Uyo 2014

The Scientific Sub-committee invites abstracts on the theme, Sub-themes and other areas of cardiovascular medicine and surgery for consideration for presentation at NCS Uyo, 2014.

Theme: Emerging cardiovascular diseases in Nigeria


  1. Open heart surgery in Nigeria: Current position

  2. Preventive Cardiology

  3. Congenital and acquired heart diseases in Nigerian Children

Abstracts should be structured using the style of the Nigerian Journal of Cardiology as follows: Background, Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusion.

Maximum word count for abstract is 250 words and maximum of six keywords should be provided.

The author(s) should be written in this format of: FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INNITIAL and SURNAME.

Names of affiliated institutions should be provided. For multiple authors, the presenting author should be underlined.

Abstracts should be sent as e-mail attachments to the following addresses:

Abstract will be reviewed for (a) scientific merit (b) originality (c) relevance (d) on a first come serve basis. All submissions will get a response regarding acceptance or otherwise.

Presenters should indicate their preferred mode of delivery (oral or poster). However, the scientific subcommittee can advise otherwise, and presenters will be notified.

Closing date for abstract submission is Friday 30th May, 2014

Dr. Eyo E. Ekpe
Chairman, Scientific Sub-committee
NCS, Uyo 2014

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