ICI Meeting 2012 - Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions, December 2-4, 2012

Nigerian Cardiac Society,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to inform you that the ICI Meeting 2012 - Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions is due to take place from December 2-4, 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel, overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Last year's meeting was a huge success, but this year promises to be even better. With a team of international key speakers and leading experts, you will experience live thematic case presentations to demonstrate the impact of the latest innovations in cardiovascular intervention technologies and therapies. There will be special attention paid to the future of valvular interventions and investigations into treating cardiac valvular pathology using percutaneous techniques or combined surgical and interventional pathways. There will also be discussions on industry-academia, emerging technologies and the regulations of new devices.

Furthermore, ICI 2012 will be focusing on the novel segment of the medical world - the E-Health and Mobile Health Evolution and Revolution (alternatively - IT and wireless medicine). ICI 2011 touched lightly upon this subject in the parallel session dubbed "IT meets MT" and spoke about the fact that although Israel is a known innovative powerhouse and international development center for Medical technologies, IT solutions and the ever growing industry of Mobile Applications, the industries have yet to converge due to many reasons.

In ICI 2012, we will try to bring those two huge industries together, by bringing you some of the best key note speakers in the world, to speak about the convergence of those two industries, near and far future and trends, the regulatory arena and the latest innovations in IT and Mobile Apps in the medical world in general and Cardiovascular Interventions in particular.

We would be pleased and honored if you would consider endorsing our meeting. As an Endorsing society we would like to ask you for the following cooperation:

  • Send a newsletter on our behalf to your members, informing them about our meeting. We will do the same on your behalf to our contacts.

  • Publicize our meeting on your website or on your event calendar, in exchange, we will publicize your Society and its upcoming events on the ICI 2012 Meeting website

  • We will provide you with the opportunity to distribute your organization's marketing materials in either the delegate bags or at the future meetings table.

  • We hope that your society will agree to endorse our meeting and work together with us.

    Should you not be able to endorse our meeting, we would appreciate your assistance by adding the meeting: www.icimeeting.com to your website or calendar of events, as well as informing your society members and colleagues of this upcoming meeting in order to make sure that as many specialists as possible are aware of this opportunity.

    For further information about the meeting, we invite you to visit the website:www.icimeeting.com.

    I look forward to your earliest reply,


    Sarah Krein
    ICI Meeting 2012, Marketing and Sales Manager
    Paragon Conventions

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